Saturday, May 6, 2017

Age of the Ashers by Diana Tyler

Diana Tyler has submitted her book to Kindle Scout. If you are not familiar with Kindle Scout it is a program through amazon where the reader selects what book is published. It is for books that have never been published in any capacity. So, if this is a book that you would like to read please take a moment to Vote.

Hot right now on Kindle Scout!

What if all the ancient myths are true?

Eighteen-year-old Chloe Zacharias is perfectly content being an outsider. But an ancient prophecy has different plans, plans to catapult her into the middle of an ages-old war between beings she only thought were mythical. Filled with magic, mystery, and sprinklings of Greek mythology, Age of the Ashers is a powerful fantasy adventure for those who love to lose themselves in the world of make-believe.

Vote for it on Kindle Scout: Here

Diana has been writing all her life, starting with her own versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics when she was four. She’s always been fascinated with Greek mythology and comic book superheroes, all of which inspire her fantasy novels. She’s also a gym rat who loves to pretend she’s Wonder Woman while lifting heavy weights and swinging from rings and pull-up bars. She co-owns CrossFit 925 in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Ben.

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