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Shadows of Deliverance by Amy Hale WITH REVIEW

Shadows of Deliverance
by Amy Hale
Released March 6, 2017

Displaying SoDe Amazon.jpgTheir leader has been captured and they know not her fate nor how to help her.
In the final book of The Shadows Trilogy, Colt and his friends will face the unknown and battle the unseen. Willing to do whatever it takes to bring Jane and Elana home safely, the gifted and average alike will stop at nothing to see their mission through. Bringing down a horrific and abusive organization in the process will satisfy not only their longing for true freedom, but also their desire for revenge. However, one wrong move could cost them everything.
Jane is within the enemy camp and struggling to keep her sanity. She knows the difference between fiction and reality, but for how long?
The end is near, and the victor will either save the world, or leave it in pieces.

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My Review:
5 Stars

I was asked for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.

Amy Hale has always amazed me with her Shadow's books. I have often wondered how she would end the trilogy as so much needed to happen. Going into the final book I was a bit hesitant on how everything was going to happen and in what order. Boy did Mrs. Hale surprise me! The adventure that the heroine takes on and the twists and turns that comes with this book was some I did not expect. The ending left me in awe! The way the author left the ending was so perfect for the trilogy I could not envision it any other way. 

I absolutely love the way Amy Hale writes. The technique of her writing is one of a kind can not be compared to any other writer. I have loved the way these books have been laid out and delivered to the reader. Thank you Amy for a great series and I look forward to more great books from you!

These books are suitable for ages 15+.

Teaser – Start of Chapter One:
Light flooded in, penetrating the pitch-black room as the heavy door creaked open. Jane raised her hand to shield her eyes. She used all of her strength to sit up. She assumed someone was bringing her another plate of food. Food she would refuse to eat. Not that it mattered. They’d found other ways to drug her, but at least she made them work for it. She took a bit of satisfaction in that knowledge. Not eating physically weakened her, but she feared having strength.
Healthy Jane was a weapon they would work to control.
A silhouette filled the doorway, and Karen’s voice broke through the darkness. “How are you feeling today, dear?”
Jane flashed her a frail smile, despite knowing Karen likely couldn’t see it from her position in the doorway. Karen had visited twice a day for the last two days. She’d given Jane a maternal smile as she sat with her in the darkness. They talked of happy things, and Jane’s mood always lifted, if ever so slightly, by the time Karen’s visit ended. After the second visit, Jane realized Karen was being used as a method of manipulation. Although Jane believed Karen’s concern was genuine, she feared that she was as much a prisoner as the rest of them. She had the gift of emotional manipulation, and to an extent, it worked very well. It did have limitations, however. Karen’s gifts, Jane suspected, were only temporary and did not always produce the desired effects. Regardless of the intent, Jane allowed herself to enjoy the calming and loving presence Karen brought with her. It provided a nice reprieve from the hopelessness she felt the rest of the time.
“Jane? Are you okay?” Karen took a step closer as if to assure herself of Jane’s well-being.
“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.” She tried to sound cheerful, but her fatigue was obvious. Her voice came as merely a wisp of its former strength.
“I know you don’t want to eat, but you really should. You’re going to starve to death.” Karen’s voice relayed her concern as she placed a plate of pasta on a small steel table built into the wall.
“No. That will never happen.” Jane lifted her face to Karen’s. “Do you know why?”
Karen shook her head.
“Because they need me too much to let me die.” Jane slowly stood and neared the table, then pushed the plate of food back at Karen. “Please tell Jeremy I’m giving this to him. He knows just where I’d like him to stick it.”
Karen’s eyes widened, and she fidgeted. “You probably shouldn’t … Never mind. I’ll just leave it outside the door in case you change your mind. You can let a guard know if you want it.”
As she walked away, Jane called to her. “You don’t have to fear them, you know. They can only bend you so much before you break. It’s when you break that they should be afraid.”
Karen hesitated, then resumed her pace as she continued through the door and bolted it closed behind her.

Amy Hale's Bio:
Amy Hale is a best selling author, mother, and wife living in Illinois. She started her writing career in 2003 with non-fiction and educational pieces, but decided to take the leap to fiction in 2014. 

She's the author of the paranormal series The Shadows Trilogy, as well various books in romantic contemporary, suspense, and humor.
She attends several signings and events throughout the year and loves meeting her readers face to face.

Her husband and kids are the center of her universe, although her cat believes otherwise. She also loves reading, music, and photography. When she’s not writing or reading, Amy can be found watching MST3K movies with her kids, or enjoying the scenery fly by from the back of her husband’s motorcycle.

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