Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pour Me Out by Diana Anderson-Tyler


“True humility,” as C.S. Lewis said, “is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

In a culture teeming with self-absorption, entitlement, and a chronic preoccupation with looking out for “Number One,” being selfless and others-focused is an increasingly difficult task, one diametrically opposed to the do-what-makes-you-happy mentality that defines the Millennial zeitgeist. Pour Me Out is a 30-day devotional with one specific mission in mind: to decrease our inherent sense of self-importance so that Christ can increase and be glorified in our lives (John 3:3).

How do we empty our lives of spirit-stifling selfishness and fill them with God-glorifying selflessness? Answering that question is what the 30 days of this book are all about. I invite you to journey with me toward a more selfless life, pouring out the vessels that weigh us down, from tiny tea cups trembling with fear and coffee pots percolating with pride, to kettles piping hot with condemnation.

We will venture bravely across four distinct seas of selfishness: the Sea of Self-Effort, the Sea of Pride, the Sea of Fear, and the Sea of Condemnation. There will be days of smooth sailing during which we won’t feel the convicting winds of the Holy Spirit, but there will also be days, perhaps weeks, of rough waters; it is throughout these that we must ask the Lord to lighten our loads by revealing and releasing each unrighteous burden. 


Diana has been writing all her life, starting with her own versions of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics when she was four. She's always been fascinated with Greek mythology and comic book superheroes, all of which inspire her fantasy novels. She's also a gym rat who lovesto pretend she's Wonder Woman while lifting heavy weights and flexing in the mirror. She co-owns CrossFit 925 in San Antonio, Texas with her husband Ben. 

Diana currently writes entertainment and media-related articles for and contributes regularly to When she isn't writing or working out, she can be found playing Scrabble with her husband, watching Marvel and Pixar movies, and pinning recipes on Pinterest that she'll never get around to cooking. 

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