Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Grove by Elizabeth Guizzetti WITH REVIEW

The Grove
by Elizabeth Guizzetti

Sitka’s Quay appears to be like every other coastal tourist town on Highway 101, but lurking below its southern grove of ancient spruce are three sleeping primordial gods. For an eon, their bloodthirsty dreams have radiated into the ground and restore anyone who walks within the Grove. The Keeper, Dayla Fischer, must remain in control of her magical abilities or fall into sickening madness, but lives a relatively quiet life with her husband, Oliver.

That is, until the delusional, but charming Jonah Leifson comes to town with a plan to awaken the Three. Soon, children begin disappearing. With powerful suggestion spells and mind reading abilities, Jonah wins over her neighbors, meth users, the police, and eventually even her husband. Though no one believes her and she doubts her own sanity, she must stop Jonah, before he wakes the Three and brings about the end of the world.

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4 stars

I was asked for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.

I did like this book.  It was ok.  Not an all out you must read this book, but it was ok.  I liked the characters and the magic in the book.  I needed more.  I need more insight into the characters.  More story behind the three sleeping gods.  Why doesn't Oliver use his magic?  He is a strong sorcerer but is only portrayed as Dayla's husband.  We only know that he is a strong sorcerer based on other character comments.  This book didn't leave me with a closed book feeling.  I still want more even after finishing the book. I wish it had more depth, more layers.  This was the first book by Elizabeth Guizzetti that I have read.  I dont know that it will be the last but I hope for a better story in the next book.

Much to her chagrin, Elizabeth Guizzetti discovered she was not a cyborg and growing up to be an otter would be impractical, so she began writing stories. Guizzetti currently lives in Seattle with her husband and two dogs. When not writing, she loves hiking and birdwatching.
She is the author and illustrator of independent comics: Faminelands and Lure and Out for Souls&Cookies! Her debut novel, Other Systems, was a 2015 Finalist for the Canopus Award for excellence in Interstellar Fiction. She continues to write science fiction, horror, and fantasy. The Grove is her third novel.

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