Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Guardian by Jacqueline M. Sinclair COVER REVEAL

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The Guardian
Releases 8.29.16
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Do you believe? Yes.
Are you worthy? No.
But Arianna had been and Preston Wade gave his life to save her.
It was wasted.
For a hundred and fifty years his choice has trapped him between a world that won’t release him and a heaven that won’t accept him, consoled only by thoughts of his wife's peaceful eternity. He didn’t know she was A Cursed, didn’t know that she’d be born and reborn, never able to live enough lives to pay for her father’s sins.
His death gained her nothing.
Now he's found her again, her compassionate soul living the life of a nurse, doomed to suffer from the moment she was born. Even as Christin Hester, Arianna's destiny remains unchanged. And if he saves her again, so will his.
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