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Flesh And Stone
Seventeen-year-old ELLIE WHITEWOOD dreams of being a doctor and giving back to the grandfather who raised her after the death of her parents. When she receives an inheritance from a reclusive aunt, she becomes the mistress of a sprawling manor.

Selling the property to pay for college seems like the answer to her prayers, but each day she grows more and more attached to the stone gargoyles adorning the manor rooftop.

After finding the Whitewood journals, she learns she is the latest in a line of Caretakers who, with her Sentinels, defends the world from evil. While she is drawn to her Sentinel, Gabriel, and her new life, her future isn’t written in stone.

Haunted by dark dreams and facing deadly enemies, is she willing to sacrifice her well-laid plans and accept her new calling...even if it comes with wings and sharp teeth?

Flesh and Stone, the first book in the Whitewood Journals, is available now via Amazon and other retailers.
Must Love Gargoyles

5 Stars

I was asked for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.


I am not normally a fan of gargoyles.  They are nothing but unattractive stone figures with no feelings.  But I had a friend tell me that I had to give this book a shot!  That being said.......Holy wow!  This book has changed all of my feelings towards gargoyles.  This was a very good book.  I was pleasantly surprised and am glad I gave this book a chance.

Ellie has lived a hard life.  She is a poor teenager focusing solely on her school work and dreams of being a doctor.  Her mother died when she was very young.  Her father drank himself to death shortly there after.  Ellie has been raised by her grandfather.  As Ellie was finishing up high school, she received a mysterious package in the mail.  Ellie's great aunt (whom she had never ever met) had died and left her entire estate to Ellie.  What does Ellie do with the estate?  Does she still follow her dreams to being a doctor?  What does Ellie find at the estate that has her rethinking all of her well laid plans?

I look forward to reading more on this series as well as more from this author!

4.5 Stars

I was given a book in exchange for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.

Ellie got a package in the mail.  She inherited an estate from a relative she had never met.  She was currently a teenager getting ready to pursue a career in medicine and living with her grandfather.  Her parents are both dead. She decides if she sells the estate , she can pay for her education and help her grandfather. However she begins to read the Whitewood Journals and things become more complicated.

I enjoyed this book.  Ellie was a great main character.  She was smart.  The journals were fascinating.  It was a very effective way to open the story up to include the past and present.  It flowed well and was well developed without being bogged down with too many details.  Great paced fantasy book.

4 Stars

I was asked for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.

Ellie has big dreams when we first meet her.  She wants to become a doctor.  She receives a inheritance from an aunt she barely knows seems and gains a mansion.  She thinks it is the answer to everything by selling it.  She can pay for school and begin a new life she always wanted.  When she is staying there she becomes more attached to it than she thought she would.  She finds out that she is Caretaker and with her gargoyle or Sentinel she will fight the world of evil.  

I enjoyed this book.  I thought it flowed nicely.  It went so fast and left me wanting more.  I liked the main character Ellie Whitewood. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders especially when faced with her unusually circumstances.  It was hard to read about her sad history.  My favorite part on the book was when she was reading the journal entries.  I found them to be exciting as she was uncovering her past and future.  I would recommend this book to any of my fantasy loving friends.




Earthborn Series
ADELAIDE BECKER—social outcast and sarcastic know-it-all—enjoys her quiet life until a giant alien crash-lands into it. He claims she’s half alien like him—an Earthborn—and he’s there to save her from the coming invasion. Being half little green man isn’t enough to convince Addy to go along with her supposed savior, but when her mother’s safety is threatened, she takes off on a journey that leads her to discover the other, more exotic side of her family and the power she holds deep within.

BROCK GRIGNI thinks this will be like any other Earthborn collection. His job is simple—bring his fellow Earthborn back to the compound and save them from the threat of becoming breeding slaves at the hands of aliens from their home planet, Ayezh. He isn’t prepared for Addy—beautiful, smart-mouthed, and his complete opposite in every way. When he learns that everything he trusts is a lie, he has nothing left to hold onto except Addy.

Together, Addy and Brock must struggle with the challenges and choices before them. Stay and fight, or run and hide? They know the Ayezhni—their ancestors and aliens from a planet in distress—are on their way and will make a collection of their own. Addy feels compelled to help her fellow Earthborn, but can she do that and keep her loved ones safe at the same time?

Earthborn, the first book in the Earthborn Series, releases in May 2016. Be ready. Look to the sky. The Ayezhni are coming.

Will YOU Be Ready When the Invasion Begins?

Whitewood Journals

Earthborn Series

Paulette (P.M.) Hernandez is a young adult paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction author. She lives in Virginia but travels the globe, finding inspiration in the colorful, mysterious, and sometimes spooky corners of it. She is a self-proclaimed nerd who tends to fangirl. She wears a lot of black, not because she's cool but because she's fashion-challenged. Her work includes the Whitewood Journals, the Earthborn Series, and an upcoming retelling of Frankenstein.

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