Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Bed Wife Chronicles (Collectors Edition) by Suzanna Lynn WITH Review


PLEASE NOTE: This story contains mature themes and sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers. 

This collector's edition contains all three books of The Bed Wife Chronicles (The Bed Wife, The Heir, The Queen), along with exclusive maps and content about each Kingdom in Wintervale. 

The Bed Wife Chronicles: Love brought them together. Would tradition tear them apart? 

Once inseparable childhood friends, Luana and Baylin are now grown and living in two separate worlds. Luana, the daughter of the town drunk, cares for her family’s goat farm to make ends meet. Baylin, Prince and future King of Grasmere, is off combating the evils that lurk in the Kingdom. 

However, Fate intercedes with a time-honored tradition that has been custom for the past five hundred years. Luana’s life is now forced into the hands of her long-lost childhood friend. 

In the midst of it all, Baylin is forced to choose between his love for Luana and his fealty to his father and the Kingdom – knowing that his decision could potentially set the Keld Kingdoms against each other during a savage war. 

All the couple wishes for is to be safe and happy together. However, constant struggles make it seem as though contentment is impossible. Trials and tribulations strain the delicate core of their relationship. 

Will Luana and Baylin be able to overcome the demands of the Kingdom and find happiness? Or will resentment, hurt and duty consume them?

5 stars

I was given a book in exchange for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.

This book is very good!  It takes you back in history to the time of great kingdoms and alliances with elves and other folk.  The problem is the invasions by trolls who are bent on damage to the land and villages and the death and destruction of the people.

So much treachery!  So much hatred!  Some will stop at nothing to get what they want.

So much love!  So much devotion.  Some will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love.

This book is written so well that I could feel the emotions of Prince Baylin and Luana as they try to come to terms with their relationship and the constricting traditions.

I could feel the conflicting emotions.  I could feel the pain and confusion and despair when the country finds itself embroiled in war because of traitors to the kingdom.

Author Suzanna Lynn is a full-time mom of three beautiful, energetic children and lives with her husband and children in a small town nestled in the deep rolling hills of Missouri. 
Growing up in the Ozarks, as a child Suzanna spent her days wandered the fields and woods surrounding her home. She would imagine them to be filled with fairies, dragons, and all number of creatures. 
Having not lost her childhood imagination, Suzanna has written numerous poems, songs and short stories that have won various awards. However, in 2014 she decided to stop wishing she could write a book, and made the dream a reality.
She is the author of 'The Bed Wife Chronicles' series. She also has three other books in the works.

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