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Immurement by Norma Hinkens WITH Review

Immurement by Norma Hinkens 
(The Undergrounders Series, #1) 
Publication date: December 16th 2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Young Adult


The earth’s core overheats. The sovereign leader vanishes. A young girl is the survivors’ only hope …

What little land is habitable is patrolled by cutthroat gangs of escaped subversives, but that’s not the greatest threat facing sixteen-year-old Derry Connelly, her brother Owen, and a ragged band of Preppers holed up in a bunker in the Sawtooth Mountains. Mysterious hoverships operated by clones are targeting adolescents for extraction.

Owen, is one of the first to disappear. To save him, Derry must strike a deal with the murderous subversives, and risk a daring raid to infiltrate the heart of the extraction operation.

But will the rookie leader falter when forced to choose between her brother and a clone who ignites something inside her she didn’t know was possible?

4.5 stars

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review free of persuasion from the author or anyone else affiliated with this book.

**Spoiler alert

The earth's core overheats and pushes through all volcanoes and any other weak spots it can find.  Pushing skyscrapers up and over in its quest to expand.  Unknown to most is a massive research facility researching and combining DNA to make people to repopulate the earth.  The research testing done by some scientists goes beyond just the re-population efforts.  They are creating specialized beings with super powers in certain areas for military and other uses.  Their efforts are less than ethical.  Humans that are free live in underground bunkers to avoid being captured and their DNA or organs or entire body being used to create new humans through torturous means.

This book brings to the front the idea of creating clones, growing organs and using DNA.  It really makes you think about the possibility of this becoming common place.  Do scientists have the power to do what they deem necessary?  How much technology is too much?  You really think about how much you would be comfortable with.

This story makes you think about things in general if a world wide catastrophe were to take place.  I'm not sure how many people would survive and what would be the best route to take.  The folks in the story come from several different walks of life.  In order to stay alive, they must band together.  Could I do that?  Could I accept and trust them?  Although it is a very good story, it really makes you ponder things if this were to happen to you.

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